Tournament Poker Returns

14th October
Free Roll Thursday
Texas Hold’em No Limit

Starting stack 5000 points for free, £30 optional unlimited re-buys for 25,000 points for the first 2 hours 15 minutes clock for the first 120 minutes then 25 minutes thereafter.

£1,000 Guarantee | No Registration Fee

21st october to 25th november 2021
£30 Texas Hold’em No Limit

25,000 points starting stack, unlimited re-buys for the first two hours & an optional £20 add on for 20,000 points at the break. 20 minutes clock and then 25 minutes final table.

£1,000 Guarantee | £5 Registration Fee

*Tournaments are in the first floor Poker room. All entrants must be Aspers members. Terms and conditions apply